ACE_AT Webinar: Africa and the Future of Action for Climate Empowerment

held in the context of the UNFCCC Africa Regional Climate Week 2021

Date: Tuesday, 28th of September 2021, 5-6 PM CEST

On Streamyard platform with live and on-demand broadcasting on Youtube

Side event description

The Action for Climate Empowerment Innovation Project (ACEAT) initiative intends to raise the visibility of non-Party stakeholders’ efforts, as well as to empower all members of society to engage in meaningful climate action (more info: &

With the webinar “Africa and the Future of ACE” the event organizers aim to create a forum in which parties and non-party stakeholders – and especially youth – from African countries can express their visions and requirements with regard to the negotiations of a Future of Action of Climate Empowerment decision at the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021 and in preparation of the UN Climate Change conference COP27 which is going to be held in Africa in 2022.

Africa Climate Week 2021 Thematic Track

  • Seizing transformation opportunities


  • Talieh Wögeerbauer, ACE Focal point for Austria, Austrian Federal Ministry for the Environment, ACE ambassador for the UNFCCC, ACE_AT initiator and coordinator
  • Emmanuel Tachie-Obeng, UNFCCC ACE Focal Point for Ghana, Ghana Environmental Protection Agency
  • Miroslav Polzer, IAAI GloCha
  • Dolphine Magero, Global Youth Climate Action Fund & ECOS
  • Dairou Sidiki, ACPD Chad & AlNajat
  • Wiseman Mkhize, IAAI representative in South Africa, KwaZulu Natal Climate Change and Sustainable Development Council (Sub- National) at KwaZulu Natal Provincial Government