Increasing financial and technical support for Action for climate empowerment has been recognized by very many representatives of national governments (=parties) and non-party stakeholders in the consultations on the future of ACE, led by the UN Climate Change secretariat over the last 2 years (a summary of the outcomes of the consultations has been presented in the UNFCCC document FCCC/SBI/2020/INF.4 – “Options and ways for future work to enhance the implementation of Article 6 of the Convention and Article 12 of the Paris Agreement, following the review of the Doha work programme“)

“20. Under a successive work programme, dedicated financial support for ACE implementation by Parties and non-Party stakeholders could be ensured, since lack of such support has been identified as a fundamental barrier to the full implementation of the Doha work programme in both developing and developed countries.”

The ACE_AT associated partners IAAI/ECOS and ICLEI are developing with the ACE_AT deliverable “ACE NPS Support structure” new solutions for resource mobilization innovation for ACE which they are going to present at the Second Expert Group Meeting within the UN CC ACE Activity Series on 5th of May 2021 with the aim to mobilize in a UNFCCC process aligned manner (through reporting of data on mobilized resources and attributable outcomes on the UN CC Global Climate Action Data Portal NAZCA and in the context of the independent global stocktake (both to be confirmed)) resources from non-party stakeholders for the overarching aim of ACE to empower everyone everywhere on planet earth to engage in meaningful and rewarding climate action.

The ACE_AT resource mobilization innovation efforts have a solid foundation in

#GiveYouthAChance Call for Resources for Youth Climate Action flashmob at COP22