Save the date for ACE_AT related COP26 events:

Official COP26 side event “Rethinking and Reorganizing Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) & the COP26 Future of ACE Decision”

5th of November, 11:30 AM – 12:45, COP26 Blue zone, Multimedia Studio 1

(more info:, please note that participation is foreseen primarily virtually: )

Action for Climate Empowerment Reception at the UNFCCC pavilion

5th November, 6.30 – 8.30 PM, Organized by ACE_AT NPS partners IAAI GloCha & ECOS in partnership with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action and other partners

IAAI / ECOS NPS reception at COP26:

ACE_AT event at the COP26 PCCB Capacity-building Hub

8th November 9.00-10.00h, “Rethinking and Reorganizing Action for Climate Empowerment (Focus on Africa and Youth)” (more info:

COY16 Workshop “Youth Climate Action Reporting / ACE Challenges Mapping“

29 October 2021, 5-6 PM BST Workshop, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, room 325

ACE_AT related Workshop (co-organized by IAAI GloCha) in the Context of the Conference of Youth (COY 16))

Aim: Presenting youth/citizens’ climate action reporting as a systemic necessity for successful youth engagement in climate action and Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) in general (more info: )

COP26 exhibit “Rethinking & Reorganizing Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) – social and technological innovation towards all of society climate action empowerment

COP26 Press ConferenceACE_AT & IAAI GloCha United Citizens Organization for Action for Climate Empowerment

East Lomond Suite, 10-Nov-2021 13:00 – 13:30 –

(more info: &

Youth panel at the UN Climate Change Innovation Hub / UNFCCC Pavilion

5th Nov, 5-6 PM, “Youth Perspectives on Action for Climate Empowerment & Innovation

Moderator:  – Tim Damon (Global Youth Development Institute, YOUNGO ACE working group & ECOS co-focal point) –  Introduction to the topic, innovations developed by youth at the ACE Youth Forum 2021, introductory info about the ACE_AT project


“With Youth, Culture & Digital Innovation Towards Climate Resilient, Carbon Neutral Cities & Citizens” event at the UK COP26 pavilion

8th Nov. 15.30-16.15, presentation of initiatives (DigitalArtClimate, individual climate action dashboard app, voluntary carbon footprint compensation dyptostamps) of ACE_AT NPS partner IAAI at the pavilion of UK COP26 presidency


Citizens and cities want to become climate neutral, but don’t know how. Youth can be pathfinders for their communities, culture can open up the minds for new thinking, digital innovation, for instance blockchain based climate action related digital collectibles (NFTs) and individual climate action dashboard apps can empower climate action of individual citizens/youth and their communities. The DigitalArt4Climate consortium will present its COP26 collection Event participants will be invited to claim a free climate related digital collectible/NFT to start their individual climate action dashboard/collection.


  • Presentation of IAAI GloCha and its all of society action for climate empowerment programs DigitalArt4Climate, individual climate action dashboard app & United Citizens Organization for Action for Climate Empowerment and their adaptation and resilience dimension
  • Presentation of the DigitalArt4Climate COP26 collection and invitation to the audience to participate in the identification of award winners
  • Youth perspectives and perspectives of creative community on all of society engagement in adaptation to climate change and global collective action
  • Audience engagement with DigitalArt4Climate event NFT distribution and music for climate initiative